Volvo VP Lays Out the Electric Blueprint for Construction Equipment | The Dirt #23

Updated Apr 27, 2021

On this episode of The Dirt we're joined by a special guest who's ready to give us all the details on how Volvo CE is bringing electric construction equipment to market. Volvo Vice President Ray Gallant joins us to discuss two recently unveiled electric excavator prototypes, the challenges to building electric machines, and the benefits of the two electric machines Volvo is already selling here in the U.S.

In the realm of electric construction equipment, Volvo deserves more than a bit of credit. Over the last decade the company has been very forthcoming about the promise it sees in electric equipment—and not just from the standpoint of wanting to reduce emissions, but also in the leap in jobsite efficiency and production these machines would bring as well.

In fact in 2019, the company introduced its first battery-powered machines, the electric L25 compact wheel loader and ECR25 compact excavator. It was around that time the company also announced its intent to replace certain diesel-powered models entirely with battery-powered equivalents moving forward.

So, where is Volvo CE at on this electric journey? What does it take to bring battery-powered off-road equipment to market? And what should we know about the company's recently unveiled midsize electric excavators? Check out the episode to find out.

Episode Chapters

0:00 Intro

1:45  EX03 Concept Wheeled Excavator

4:33 The Importance of Concept Machines to Volvo CE Development

6:49 The Electric Quarry Experiment with Skanska

14:50 How Big of a Battery Does a Midsize Excavator Need? Plus, Supply Side Challenges

21:08 Volvo Energy and the Advantage of Working With Volvo Trucks

27:07 Battery-Powered Machine Performance vs. Diesel

33:43 What's Up With The EX03's Big Screen?

38:02 Will Volvo Replace Diesel Machines With Battery?

41:14 EC230 Excavator Prototype and Customer Pilot

45:16 Will Electric Machines Mean the End of Hydraulics?

47:41 Electric L25 Loader and ECR25 Excavator Now Up For Pre-Order

49:56 What to Expect From Electric Machines In Charging and Real World Use