IronCraft’s New Mulcher for Skid Steers, CTLs Fills Need for Speed

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underside of IronCraft Forestry Disc Mulcher on compact track loader
IronCraft's new Forestry Disc Mulcher cuts a swath 5 feet wide.

When speed is more important than looks, IronCraft’s new Forestry Disc Mulcher for skid steers and compact track loaders might be just the attachment you need.

The mulcher is designed to make quick work of brush and trees. It can cut through trees up to 14 inches in diameter and is ideal for right-of-way clearing and other projects “where speed is more important than aesthetics,” the company says.

It has a working width of 60 inches and comes in two models. One with a 150-cubic-centimeter motor, which requires hydraulic flow of 32 to 44 gallons per minute, and the 200cc motor that requires 45 to 60 gallons per minute of flow.

The mulcher’s disc is fully machined and has no welding on it. The attachment’s deck is 3/8-inches thick and has reinforced sides. The disc is equipped with 44 beaver teeth on the top, bottom and perimeter.

With its 1-inch-thick hinged deflector, the mulcher throws material away from the loader and can cut below ground.