FHWA provides $1 million in emergency relief funds for Nevada bridges and roads

Flooding Cars Highway Street FloodThe Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has made available $1 million in emergency relief funds to be used to repair bridges and roads in Nevada following damages from flood waters.

Flooding occurred in northeastern and northwester portions of the state starting Feb. 5, impacting at least 11 counties and Carson City, FHWA reports.

“The flooding has caused significant damage to roads and bridges in the northern part of Nevada, and this funding will help with immediate repairs,” says Acting Deputy Federal Highway Administrator Walter Waidelich.  “It represents a down payment to help get roads back up and running again while the state completes its damage assessments.”

FHWA’s emergency relief program provides “quick release” funds for highways and bridges damaged by catastrophic events or natural disasters to help start repair work and to help agencies make continuing damage assessments.

The program is authorized for $100 million annually through contact authority from the Highway Trust Fund’s Highway Account, but Congress can appropriate more when needed. The FAST Act continued the $100 million annual funding authorization for fiscal years 2016-2020.