Bobcat Changes Model Names on Three Compact Excavators

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Bobcat E38 compact excavator beside ditch with water in it
The 33-horsepower Bobcat E35 compact excavator is now the E38. The 25-horsepower E35 will keep its same name. Two other excavators will also get new model names.

Along with rolling out a new E40 compact excavator, Bobcat has changed the names on three of the models in its 3- to 5-metric-ton lineup.

The company says the excavators’ model name changes “more closely align with the industry’s size class.”

The changes are as follows:

  • The 33-horsepower Bobcat E35 has been renamed the Bobcat E38. The company is aligning the E38 with the 3.8-metric-ton class. It features zero tailswing. The standard arm version has an operating weight of 7,893 pounds, or 3.58 meters. Though the 33-horspower model name is changing, Bobcat will keep its 25-horsepower E35 with the same name. The E35 also has zero tailswing. It aligns with the 3.5-metric-ton class and has an operating weight of 3.474 metric tons. Long arm options for both the E35 and E38 add to their operating weights.
  • The Bobcat E42 will now be the E48. It weighs 9,830 pounds, or 4.49 metric tons, and has a conventional tailswing.
  • The Bobcat E50 has been renamed the Bobcat E55. It is a minimal tailswing excavator with about a 1-inch overhang and weighs 11,876 pounds, or 5.387 metric tons.

Bobcat E48 compact excavator picking up concrete debris with tine grappleThe Bobcat E42 will now be the E48.Bobcat“Our compact excavator lineup within the 3-to-5-ton size class has grown, and the updated model numbers better reflect the outstanding performance capabilities that empower our customers to accomplish more each and every day,” says Mike Wetzel, Bobcat director of product development. “The updated portfolio more closely aligns with the excavators’ capabilities when compared to other machines within the same size class.”  

The model name changes follow the recent announcement of the new 4-metric-ton E40 excavator, which will hit the market in late 2023. It features a reduced tailswing with less than 2 inches of overhang, a standard long arm and nearly 4,000 pounds of lifting capacity. The new model runs on a 40-horsepower, turbocharged Bobcat engine.

With the new excavator, Bobcat’s 3- to 5-metric-ton lineup now consists of six models: E32, E35, E38, E40, E48 and E55. It also has models ranging from 1 to 2 metric tons and 16 to 18 metric tons.

Bobcat E55 compact excavator digging trenchThe Bobcat E50 is now the E55.Bobcat