Video: Coast 2 Coast Lawn Maintenance Offers Impressions of Cat’s Next Gen 255 CTL

Jordanne Waldschmidt Headshot
Updated Oct 20, 2023

Caterpillar recently released its next generation 255 and 265 compact track loaders – but not before putting the new models through rigorous internal and customer testing. 

While in Edwards, Illinois, for the launch event, Equipment World had an opportunity to catch up with Derrick Rogers, the owner of Coast 2 Coast Lawn Maintenance, Biloxi, Mississippi, one of several contractors selected to participate in a field follow of the new machines.

Cat grants field follow participants use of the machines in exchange for performance and design feedback. “We’re in these machines all day, every day, 8, 10, 12 hours a day,” says Rogers. “It’s an honor to see the new features and have the team, anytime you have any complaints or concerns, there to listen.”

Coast 2 Coast Lawn Maintenance specializes in house pad construction, grading, landscaping, and sod installation and previously used a Cat 259D3, the model that the 255 replaces, for its jobs.

“Our 259Ds and 259D3s, when you pick up a couple large rolls of sod, would want to tip forward,” says Rogers. “I can take this 255, pick up two rolls of sod, keep the arms halfway in the air, and go across the road; it doesn’t tip or feel unstable.”

Beyond added confidence, Rogers says the increased power and torque have boosted his efficiency by 20% to 30%.

“With this 255 versus the 259, I can push more dirt and carry a grade farther. The way I’ve thought about it feels like it has a decel mode like a dozer would have. When I put it underneath a load, you can feel that machine stop for a second and push right on through,” he says.

In the video above, he gives his impressions after running the 255 for several months.

Cat equipped the 255 with a 74-horsepower C2.8T engine. The completely redesigned model delivers 36% more tilt breakout, 26% higher lift breakout force and a 24% increase in rated operating capacity (ROC) than its predecessor. Truck loading is easier thanks to 10 feet 4 inches of lift height.

Some additional quick specs on the 255 CTL:

  • Engine: Cat C2.8T
  • Horsepower: 74.3
  • Engine Torque: 221 foot-pounds
  • Operating Weight: 9,628 pounds
  • Rated Operating Capacity @ 35%: 2,499 pounds
  • Standard Hydraulic Pressure: 3,500 psi
  • Standard Hydraulic Flow: 23 gpm

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