LiuGong’s New 936F Excavator Designed for Heavy-Duty Digging

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Updated Aug 7, 2023
Liugong 936F excavator atop quarry hill releasing dirt
LiuGong's 936F has a dig depth of 24 feet and a 2.3-cubic-yard bucket.

LiuGong continues to expand its line of F-Series excavators, with the 936F marking the latest addition to hit the North American market.

The company began rolling out the new excavators last year. The 936F weighs 85,538 pounds (38 metric tons) and runs on a 314-horsepower Cummins engine. It has three new power modes: Power, Standard and Eco. The new engine delivers 5% more torque compared to high torque at low speeds and 23% more slew torque. Compared to the previous E Series excavators, fuel consumption has been reduced 10%, LiuGong says.

The 936F can dig down to 24.1 feet and has a bucket capacity of 2.3 cubic yards.

LiuGong made the excavator’s counterweight 1,534 pounds heavier, and the undercarriage is longer and sturdier with bilateral supported upper rollers designed to increase support and reduce wear. The boom and arm were given added strength, which the company says reduces stress on the machine by 25%. Deeper side beams increase impact resistance and make it easier to add more impact plates, the company says.

Other features include:

  • Kawasaki electro-hydraulic controls,
  • larger hydraulic pump for an 11% increase in flow,
  • boom float technology to prevent excessive pressure during breaking operations and reducing fuel consumption during smooth leveling and deep excavation work,
  • attachment flow and pressure control,
  • 360-degree camera for a panoramic view around the excavator.

Guard rails and tread plates have been improved to prevent slipping. Oil change intervals have been extended to 5,000 hours.

The cab is designed to be ergonomic with intuitive interfaces and controls. It’s also pressurized and has a reduced sound level of 69 decibels. Three seats are available: standard mechanical suspension, air suspension, or heated air suspension with added padding. The cab is equipped with an 8-inch color LCD monitor that allows control by touchscreen or armrest dial.

Other cab features include a cooler for storing food and drinks, a storage box and rack, a cupholder, and a phone holder with 12-volt charging, USB and Aux ports. LED work lights are standard, and daily maintenance points are at ground level.

Quick specs

  • Operating weight: 85,538 pounds
  • Engine: 314-hp Cummins L9, Tier 4F/European Stage V
  • Max dig depth: 24.1’
  • Bucket capacity: 2.3 cubic yards
  • Max dig reach: 34’8” (short arm), 35’2” (long arm)
  • Minimum swing radius: 14’5”