BOMAG intros BW 120 SLC-5 combi drum-tire roller for all-round use

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Updated Jul 25, 2020

BOMAG BW 120 SLC-5BOMAG calls its new BW 120 SLC-5 combination drum and smooth-tire compactor “a perfect all-around small roller.”

The compactor, unveiled at ConExpo 2020, is geared for such uses as new development construction, road repair, driveways and road construction finishing.

BOMAG says the BW 120 achieves smoothness, better seals and a better finish on joint construction. That’s because of the vibration force from the front steel drum combined with the kneading effect from the four smooth rubber tires in the rear. The roller is also equipped with a center articulation joint that delivers plus/minus 10 degrees of oscillation, which keeps the wheels in contact with material at all times, the company says.

BOMAG says it made the controls operational by one function or one switch for simplicity.

The drum is 47.2 inches wide, with a vibratory frequency of 4,320 vibrations per minute and amplitude of 0.02 inches. The compactor runs on a 24.8-horsepower Kubota engine that meets Tier 4 Final emissions standards without a diesel particulate filter.

BOMAG says it focused on reducing the compactor’s maintenance needs and, when maintenance is required, making it easier for the technician. Joints do not require daily greasing. The spray nozzles for the water system to the drum and tires are designed for quick disconnection, and the central tank has a drain for quickly emptying out the water. The compactor’s hood opens wide for easier access to the engine, electronics and water pump. The roller’s articulation joint is bolted on and has no grease points.

For easier transport, the BW 120 has a foldable ROPS structure to reduce its height and a central lifting point for loading and unloading the compactor on a trailer.

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