Idaho Transportation Department updates website design for mobile


The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) has redesigned its website,, in order to better display on mobile devices in addition to reformatting the way it offers information on the site.

The new design is shown above. The by the old design can be seen below for comparison.

“It comes down to usability,” said Brian Ness, the director of the transportation department. “Our goal was to create an interface that is intuitive and easy for our customers.”

Because the state’s Division of Motor Vehicles web pages are heavily visited, the agency condensed 30 pages associated with the division into one and incorporated tabs and an accordian.

“Tabs run across the top of a web page, and accordians run down it,” ITD says. “Both can be clicked on to give customers additional options.”

Transportation department staff from multiple agency divisions formed a team to create the redesign. These staff “contributed input and comments designed to make the site as user-friendly as possible.”