12 contractors win national awards from NAPA for asphalt pavements

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Shelly & Sands of Zanesville, Ohio, and the Ohio DOT District 5 won NAPA’s top quality paving award for their I-77 project.Shelly & Sands of Zanesville, Ohio, and the Ohio DOT District 5 won NAPA’s top quality paving award for their I-77 project.

The annual conference of the National Asphalt Pavement Association presented awards to 12 asphalt contractors who stood out in 2019, with its top award going to Shelly & Sands of Zanesville, Ohio.

Shelly & Sands and the Ohio Department of Transportation District 5 are the winners of NAPA’s 2019 Sheldon G. Hayes Award for excellence in construction of an asphalt pavement. The award was presented for their work on 5.23 miles of Interstate 77 in Guernsey County.

The milling and overlay project of mainline also involved reconstructing the highway’s interchange with State Route 541. The project included a one-mile test section with a void-reducing asphalt membrane (VRAM), designed to extend longitudinal joint life, and construction of a new bridge deck. The paving had to begin in the middle of the project due to the scheduling of the bridge work. But despite that, the project was finished on schedule and underbudget.

The project was also one of the first tests of a thermal imaging camera to monitor pavement temperature to identify thermal segregation from side to side across the mat, NAPA said. The data will be used by ODOT for further research.

This marks the second time in three years that Shelly & Sands has been a finalist or winner of the Sheldon G. Hayes Award, for highway projects using more than 50,000 tons of asphalt.

The two finalists for the award were also recognized at the conference:

  • Dunn Construction and the Alabama Department of Transportation for milling and overlay work on 16 lane miles on I-459 in Hoover.
  • Kiewit Infrastructure and the Texas Department of Transportation for reconstructing 10 miles of I-10 in Crockett County.

The award process involves a two-year quality and smoothness evaluation, including an inspection one year after the project is completed.

Other awards presented February 5 at the NAPA annual conference are as follows:


2019 Ray Brown Airport Pavement Award

Preferred Materials’ runway and taxiways project at Jacksonville’s Herlong Recreational AirportPreferred Materials’ runway and taxiways project at Jacksonville’s Herlong Recreational Airport

The winner is Preferred Materials of Jacksonville, Florida, for excellence in construction of a runway and taxiways at Jacksonville’s Herlong Recreational Airport.

The project involved milling the existing lime rock pavement and using it to make a new lime rock base and then an asphalt overlay. Full-depth asphalt pavement and lime rock removal was performed at the end of Runway 11/29 and then built up with soil, seed and sod. The job was completed in 90 days.


2019 Larry H. Lemon Quality in Construction Award

The award is for excellence on projects using less than 50,000 tons of asphalt.

  • Barrett Paving Materials, of Franklin, Ohio, for I-75 in Dayton, Ohio
  • Garrett Paving of Athens, Georgia, for Reynolds Drive in Greensboro, Georgia
  • Martin Marietta of Lakewood, Colorado, won three awards, for the 4700 S. Syracuse Street Parking Lot project in Denver; the Natural Grocers Parking Lot in Lakewood; and W. Belleview Avenue in Denver and Lakewood
  • Poe Asphalt Paving of Post Falls, Idaho, for the Westmoor Technology Park Parking Lot in Westminster, Colorado
  • Reeves Construction of Macon, Georgia, for U.S. 301 in Screven County, Georgia
  • Shelly & Sands of Zanesville, Ohio, for work on SR 11 in Trumbull County, Ohio
  • The Shelly Company of Thornville, Ohio, for 5th Street in Union County, Ohio
  • Walsh & Kelly of Griffith, Indiana, for SR 14 in Pulaski County, Indiana.


2019 Asphalt Operations Safety Innovation Award

This award recognizes innovation to improve worker safety in road work zones, a plant site or quarry, as well as companies with exemplary safety practices.

  • Lakeside Industries of Issaquah, Washington, for field trauma kit for worksites. The kit is to provide life support to workers suffering traumatic injury before paramedics arrive. “It consists of a 10-gallon waterproof, yellow dry bag packed with first-aid supplies crew members can use to provide advanced first aid,” a NAPA news release said. “A member of the Seattle Fire Department assisted Lakeside in developing the contents of the kit, which include a satellite phone, a tourniquet and extra gauze, among other items.”
  • Cornejo & Sons in Wichita, Kansas, for new flags for entering and exiting work zones. The company developed color-coded flags and windshield stickers for each type of fleet vehicle. “The flags and stickers allow drivers to enter and exit work zones without verbal communication, minimizing the chances for traffic-control personnel to be struck by entering and exiting vehicles, and allow for specified entrances and exits that drivers can see from a further distance for different materials being delivered,” the release said. “In addition, the system decreases congestion at entrances and exits, as well as the blocking of entrances and exits by subcontractors and third-party vehicles.”