EarthCam Launches Solstice Series Solar-Powered Jobsite Cameras

EarthCam Solstice Series Jobsite Monitoring Camera

EarthCam has introduced its new solar-powered Solstice Series line of jobsite monitoring and timelapse documentation cameras.

The cameras use a single high-efficiency polycrystalline solar panel and advanced battery technology to livestream, archive and create time-lapse videos of jobsites.

The Solstice Series cameras also deliver AI-powered end-to-end analytics, 500-megapixel panoramas, 4K time-lapse movies, continuous security recording, and several customizable configurations. An autonomous, solar-powered, mobile trailer platform is an available option.

Cameras come equipped with high-capacity, rapid-charging batteries, smart, online power monitoring, and live feedback for optimized solar panel positioning.

New cameras in the Solstice Series include:

  • CinemaCam: A user-controllable robotic live streaming camera that continuously generates cinematic 8K panoramas for clear timelapse footage.
  • SolsticeCam 4K: A multi-tasking 4K camera for high-quality live streaming, AI-edited timelapse, and fully encrypted end-to-end continuous recording.
  • AlertCam: AI object detection, security analytics, and continuous security video recording.
  • Perimeter Alert System: Compact, two camera, live security monitoring with intrusion detection, strobe, siren, and advanced AI analytics.

Security systems utilize EarthCam’s Central Station Monitoring. Trained professionals immediately verify each security incident, assess the risk, and dispatch law enforcement as necessary.

The Solstice Series cameras use fewer components and have a smaller footprint than other products in EarthCam’s portfolio. The company says in addition to this eco-friendly line, it is phasing out potentially hazardous components in its products and is ensuring as many parts as possible can be recycled.

Camera rentals, professional installation, and reality capture services are available through EarthCam.