Video: Senzit Tracks Air Filter Life at Lower Cost Than Telematics

Keeping the air filters on your construction equipment clean can be a major hassle. It’s an area that operators often neglect.

Because damage can occur before regularly scheduled maintenance, depending on the conditions you’re working in, it’s important to know just how much time you have left before the filter needs to be blown out or replaced.

In this episode of The Dirt, we take a look at Senzit, which is designed to do just that, by tracking air filter condition and letting you know in real time how much life it has left.

Host Bryan Furnace interviews Chris Scott, Senzit venture lead, who discusses the company’s lower-cost aftermarket option for contractors who aren’t ready for, can’t afford of don’t want full-blown telematics.

Senzit also goes beyond most telematics systems concerning air filters by providing details on how much life is left on the filter by looking at such parameters as dust load and engine hours. That way the filter can be replaced or blown out when it’s needed – before you have a dust-clogged engine, which can lead to costly repairs.

Scott also discusses how the product is different from telematics, how it works and how customers are charged for it.

For more details on the filter tracker, which recently came out with next-generation upgrades, check out this week’s episode of The Dirt.

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