Chevron’s Delo Dropping Conventional Oils from Heavy-Duty Diesel Lineup

Chevron Lubricants will discontinue its popular Delo mineral-based conventional oils early next year from the Delo heavy-duty diesel engine lineup.

On this episode of The Dirt, we hear from Shawn Whitacre, a senior staff engineer at Chevron, who tells us why the shift and what it means for customers.

He explains that the move follows a trend toward synthetic oils. It’s also designed to simplify the sometimes overwhelming number of choices customers face.

Chevron has announced that these Delo oils will be discontinued starting January 15: 400 SDE 10W-30, 400 SDE 15W-40 and 400 XLE 15W-40. They will be replaced by Delo 400 XLE SB SAE 15W-40.

To find out more about the change and how it will affect you, check out the latest episode of The Dirt.

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In This Episode:

  • 00:00 - Delo is Dropping Conventional Engine Oil
  • 00:27 - Why Is Delo Moving Away from Conventional Engine Oil?
  • 02:21 - Are Any High-Demand Products Being Removed?
  • 03:37 - Are Fewer Choices Better?
  • 04:19 - What Happens if an Oil I Use Goes Away?
  • 07:12 - How Long Has This Shift Away from Conventional Oil Been in the Works?
  • 08:21 - How Will This Shift Impact Frontline Users?
  • 09:51 - How Can Customers Learn More?
  • 10:30 - Final Thoughts