Challenges in Asset and Equipment Management

A complete and intuitive tracking solution makes it easy to keep your assets working and ready for the next job.

A better way to manage assets

Driven by growth in government projects and infrastructure investment, as well as an uptick in non-residential private construction, “the global overall construction equipment market is expected to near $288 billion by 2022.”1 And the global heavy construction equipment market is expected to reach $90.4 billion by 2025.

This burgeoning demand bodes well for construction companies of all sizes, but as more opportunities for jobs arise and the competition for each contract heats up, the efficiency of equipment and asset management will likely turn out to be one of the biggest factors that make or break success. Managing equipment continues to be a critical challenge for companies in construction, from keeping track of assets across multiple job sites to preventing equipment theft and proactively keeping assets in optimal condition.

The right solution can help address these five challenges that today’s construction organizations face: 

  1. Consolidating equipment data
  2. Improving utilization
  3. Reducing downtime through proactive maintenance
  4. Accurate job bidding and costing
  5. Improving asset security

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