Video of Construction Crew’s Rescue of Truck Driver Goes Viral

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Updated Sep 6, 2023
traffic camera image of site of truck crash US 60 in Tempe Arizona
The scene of a truck crash off U.S. 60 and I-10 in Tempe, Arizona, where the driver and passenger were rescued by a construction crew.
Arizona Department of Transportation

A TikTok video showing a road construction crew rescuing the driver and passenger of an overturned water truck in Tempe, Arizona, has gone viral, logging 6.6 million views as of August 17.

Dylan Ludlam was driving back to work August 11 after lunch when he saw the crash on a U.S. 60 off-ramp onto I-10.

According to news reports, the driver of a water truck hauling post hole digging equipment on a trailer was cut off by another driver. The truck driver lost control, and the truck jackknifed and crashed down a dirt embankment. The trailer detached and remained on the highway.

The truck was overturned, and on the video, a construction crew can be seen rushing to help the driver and passenger who were stuck inside the upside-down cab.

Ludlam got out of his car to video the rescue. At one point, a backhoe with a chain is used by the crew to remove the cab’s door. One of the victims is removed and sirens can be heard in the background.

Emergency responders arrived after the two were pulled from the cab. They were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment of minor injuries.

The crew was working on the nearby I-10 Broadway Curve Improvement Project, a section of I-10 between Baseline Road and 40th Street near downtown Phoenix.

To watch Ludlam’s viral TikTok video of the rescue, click here.